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Finding the Right Tool Tracking System for Construction

If your construction company has multiple crews, you've probably experienced the frustration of losing tools and managing tool & equipment inventory. It's time to end that headache and implement a tool-tracking system built for contractors. This will save you considerable time and money. So, let's dive into how to find the perfect construction tool-tracking system for your business.

First, consider the types of tools and related products that you'll be tracking. Small tool tracking is most common, including compressors, demo hammers, generators, and other power tools. But what about heavy equipment and consumables? GPS tracking works well for large equipment but not for small tools.

QR code and tool bar code tracking systems can work for most products, but make sure you also consider tracking consumables. Consumables, like tape, fasteners, drill bits, and saw blades, often represent a bigger chunk of your expenses than you realize. Ideally, find a management system that can track tools and consumables.

Now, think about who's going to be using this system. In construction tool inventory management, actively involving your field employees in the inventory management process is critical. So, you'll want a mobile app that's simple, visual, and easy for them to use on the job site. After all, if they don't use it, you will keep losing tools.

Ready to start looking for the perfect solution? Here are some tips to help you find the right one for your construction business:

  1. Try before you buy

    Several systems offer tool-tracking software free trials as well as product demos, so take advantage of that! . If possible, watch a demo and then start the free trial to ensure you understand how best to use the software for your specific business needs.

  2. Look for construction-specific solutions

    Construction tool tracking is different from tracking laptops in an office, so choose a system specifically designed for construction. Look for simple apps that don't require a lot of text entry that’s tough to do in the field.

    Tool management software should allow you to assign tools to crew members and projects. Categories should be relevant and focused on actual tool categories to allow for faster search. The inventory system should not require a separate barcode scanner device. Most mobile phones can scan codes, so there is no need to make your employees carry an extra device.

  3. Determine your budget

    There's a wide range of asset management systems out there, from simple apps to more complex enterprise solutions that can cost more than ten times as much. Consider your company's size and resources when deciding on the best option for you. Don’t forget about the cost of any sensors, codes, or other asset tags needed. There are a few systems that claim to be free but will cost you thousands to tag your entire inventory.

  4. Don't forget about support and training

    Asset tracking system success depends on the people using it. Ensure the software provider offers training and support to help your team start using it effectively.

    Employees are much more likely to use a product if they understand how to use it. Training videos should be available in addition to live training sessions as needed. Depending on the system, training for field employees can be done in minutes, saving hours of time in the future spent looking for tools.

    A top concern with implementing a system is finding the time to inventory all your tools and assets. This includes uploading the tools and applying barcode labels etc. Ensure that onboarding assistance is available from your software provider and take advantage of any help they can provide. This should include uploading existing tool inventory lists and spreadsheets for you.

Once you find and implement a proper system that works for your business, you will be surprised at quickly you start saving time and money. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that your inventory is in order and your team has the tools they need to do their job.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us. Our TOOLTRIBE Pro tool tracking app is built specifically for construction and has evolved through years of feedback from contractors in the field. We would be excited to learn about your business and see how we can help you save time and money.

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